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Row N Tone at Proof Fitness in Lexington KY

Looking for a low impact class that offers both strength training, and aerobic conditioning? Row N Tone at Proof Fitness is for you! Row N Tone is a total-body workout designed for all fitness levels - instructed exercise modifications allow both the beginner and experienced member to get the most out of this 45-minute class.

Train Proof Easy Glute Workout

Let’s face it, we all wish we had the perfect backside…thanks JLO. While we may not know Jenny on the Block’s exercise routine, our Train Proof Team has some great workouts up their sleeves that are sure to give you the intense workout you need and the results you want.

Fusion at Proof Fitness

If you’re ready for 60 minutes of heart pounding work, and an adrenaline rush, Fusion at Proof Fitness is right up your alley. Fusion is a drill oriented, fast moving class made up of 3 rounds of cycling, rowing, and strength training.

How to Do a Barbell Back Squat at Proof Fitness

One of the most useful tools that are common place at almost any gym is a barbell and today I want to talk about one of the most iconic uses for this tool, The Barbell Back Squat! Specifically, the proper technique for doing this exercise AND the common improper techniques most people may do and not realize that they are at risk to cause themselves injury. But, don’t worry because our Proof Trainer James is also going to show you some very easy ways to fix them.

Spin, Dance, Sweat. Cycle Beatz at Proof Fitness

WHAT IS CYCLE BEATZ? Cycle Beatz is not your ordinary cycling class. It is a full-body cycling experience! Cycle Beatz is a safe, effective workout designed to make you feel amazing and to create a fun, dance club atmosphere - all while on a spin bike.

Get Some IT Band Pain Relief!

Have your knees been achy and hurting lately? Well, your IT (Iliotibial) Band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin, could potentially be tight or inflamed. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is a common overuse injury to the knee, and associated with runners, cyclists, hikers, and weight-lifters. Here are some tips to consider adding to your daily routine to relieve your IT Band pain.


What is Mr. Hyde™ RTD? And no, we’re not talking about the fictional evil alter-ego to Dr. Jekyll in the classic 19th Century novel. Although, this popular beverage is sure to aid in transforming your body, and getting the most out of your workout!

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: Do's and Don'ts of Fueling your Sweat Sessions!

Fueling your body for performance and recovery before and after your workout is crucial for maximizing your time at the gym. In the same way you wouldn't try to drive a car without putting gas in it first, expecting your body to execute at high levels and recover adequately without eating well pre and post workout is unreasonable at best, and reckless at worst! In this post, we'll go over the nutrient needs for your pre and post workout, and give some examples of food combinations that fulfill those needs.

What’s New at Proof? Monster Milk

You’ve probably noticed a new addition to the Proof fridge, Monster Milk! Haven’t heard of Monster Milk? No worries! Get all the facts about this awesome beverage below, and be sure to try one out the next time you stop by your Proof Club. All Monster Milk is currently 20% OFF, so now is the best time to see if Monster Milk is what you’ve been missing in your workout routine!